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I believe the key to learning fast is tackling basics first. CSS modules are files where all local class names are locally scoped for an individual component. That means all the class names will only apply to one component. But why?

Well, on my team we faced a problem that other teams elsewhere face too. With increased components, there is an increased need to get more creative with the class names considering you do not want to run into name conflicts that will waste a lot of engineering resources in long debugging hours.

After exploring the option of longer and…

Axios is an external library whose basis is Javascript Promises that is used to make HTTP calls. Previously we all used the “in-house” Javascript Fetch API but Axios has more to offer than the Javascript Fetch API; at least according to my experience.

Axios Interceptors are simply methods that will get called before the main method is called and the main methods are of 2 types the requests and responses. So we have request interceptors and response interceptors. What is commonly used are response interceptors that are usually used to handle data returned from an API call.

Previously I had…

I bet you have had about the “ buzzwords; well whether you have or have not I will share a brief on them before we delve into the gist of this article.

is the availability of computer system resources as soon as needed or required for usage. These resources include memory, computing power, data storage — commonly called cloud storage and many others. The beauty about it is that there is no active direct management of these resources by a user.

Cloud-native computing is when cloud computing is integrated into the software development process. This entails modern…

You have probably heard about how organizations mostly tech companies are able to increase their ability to improve and deliver services and applications faster through DevOps automation. CI/CD is a key area of DevOps and is in fact considered the backbone of this process, so what is CI/CD?

CI is short for Continous Integration and CD in this case will mean Continous Deployment. CD in some cases stands for Continuous Delivery which is still part of the DevOps/SDLC but we will not talk about it here. SDLC stands for Systems/Software Development Life Cycle.

Continuous Integration, in brief, is a process…

The building that formerly held the Andela Uganda offices.

Last Friday after my demo meeting — am a developer — I had scheduled to have a Cappuccino with a couple of friends at a Cafe in heart of Kampala before curfew. Yes, I mentioned curfew, in my country we try to push the limit so here I was at 6:00 pm preparing to go meet friends across town at 7:00 pm and make it back home before the curfew time of 9:00 pm.

I reside at one end of town and the Cafe is the other side of town in Lugogo a couple of minutes’ drive from the building…

Software Developer circles in Kampala and beyond are abuzz with a new platform called Crane Cloud. A lot of people are wondering and asking “What is Crane Cloud?” “How does Crane Cloud better my life as a developer or a student?”

In this post I will try my best to help demystify what Crane Cloud is and what value it can add to your life as a developer or a student. Do not get me wrong, it is not limited to only students and developers. …

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Yesterday was St Valentine’s Day, a day where people celebrate love in remembrance to the Saint Valentine among other things. This city was colored red. I had never seen so many flowers everywhere.

At my work place, I believe all the ladies received flowers; at least those that made it to work yesterday. Everybody I met was in a jovial mood but what do you expect when we live in the happiest city on earth?

It is absolutely fascinating the kind of information you can come across not just online but on the darker rarely accessed cyber alleys. Lots of…

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The image above has nothing at all to do with this story. Before you get freaked out by the title, this has nothing to do with the actual optical disease. For a long time had puffy or ‘reddish’ eyes. Even back in boarding school, after a nap or a boring lesson — a dozed through most of those — colleagues would point out how my eyes were puffy.

So growing up I got used to the constant remarks but at home, people rarely noticed and when they did, they attributed it to genes and often pointed out a few relatives…

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This is the breakdown of the various events that happen in a typical day of a Ugandan Youth who is unemployed. The breakdown is according to hours.

5/6 am Wake up. Say a short prayer. Think of what will be different today. If there isn’t, then go back to sleep. If there is, then scroll through the Facebook pages using the Facebook zero platform maybe there will be a ray of hope; a real job opportunity a relief from the job scams that taint the groups.

8:30/9 am Jump out of bed. Starting to feel the pangs of hunger. Take…

My Team and I at the recently concluded IoT Hackathon.

With the recent restructuring at my former workplace, I was let go. Here is a link from the CEO talking about that decision. After the announcement, I had a multitude of thoughts going through my mind.

Everyone asked me how I feel about the news. To this day I can not pinpoint a particular emotion for what and how I felt. To put it concisely; I felt every know emotion. How do I feel now? I am still not so sure.

Regardless of how I feel now or will feel days after this, I have made peace with the facts…

Derrick Sekidde

Greatest — Coder Ever, Father to a Princess.

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